The Best Flowers for your Girlfriend

Most men, when falling in love, wonder what flowers to give to a girl to express their feelings. It should be noted that in vain, some men consider a bunch of flowers as a pampering and a waste of money. Any way to ask out a girl, seeing flowers in the hands of a gentleman, becomes kinder and rejoices at this fragrant gift, like a child.

You should gift flowers to women for any reason and without it.

Basic rules when choosing flowers for a girl

The ideal option is to give your girlfriend exactly those flowers that she especially likes. It’s not hard to learn about her preferences, it’s enough to start talking about flowers, and your lady’s heart will give out all of her preferences.

Do not follow the standard canons that the brunette like light roses, and the blonde women like dark roses! Each girl is an individual whose taste preferences do not depend on the color of her hair or eyes.

Make sure that the packaging and accessories of the bouquet correspond to the feelings that you want to express. It would be weird and off-putting if a guy presents his girlfriend with luxurious bouquet, yet the packaging looks like it came from a children’s birthday party. And for a 16-year-old person it would be strange to get a huge basket of roses as a gift. It is elegant, no one would argue, but inappropriate. In this case, a bunch of lilies of the valley or forget-me-nots will look great.

How to choose a bouquet of flowers for a girl?

Each flower has its own meaning and contains certain information, so it is very important to know which flower to choose:

Roses. A classic flower that is given by all men in love. On the first date, one rose of light shades – pink or cream – will be the most suitable. Maroon flowers cannot be given to a beloved girlfriend as they symbolize sadness. Yellow roses are beautiful and bright, in Japan they are considered a symbol of joy and happiness. However, if you don’t live in Asia, then the symbolism of it in your country may be somewhat ambiguous. Some believe that they mean sadness and separation, others refer to such this flower with indifference. Therefore, it is not worth the risk, so choose something else.

Gerberas. These are flowers of joy, happiness and fun. If your girl laughs a lot and is overall just a fun person, gerberas will surely please her, regardless of their color. These flowers will help to brighten a rainy autumn day. They will fill it with light and joy.

Carnations. If you are choosing a flower to gift your girlfriend to, then traditional carnations are a no-no. These are simply not the best flowers for a beloved person. You can instead choose bush carnations and ask the florist to make a lush and pretty bouquet.

Lilies. A bouquet of lilies for a girl symbolizes tenderness and quivering feelings. However, first find out whether your girlfriend likes this flower, because it has a very pronounced aroma that can simply cause allergies.

Orchids. These are exquisite flowers that are meant for women who have a special meaning in the life of a man. With such a bouquet, the guy informs the girl about his passion and desire to always be together. There are common options like chrysanthemums and asters that do not say anything at all, they can be given just like that, without any special reason, and irises and tulips symbolize warmth and admiration.